Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and Ko Tane Maori Cultural Experience

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Willowbank prides itself on its conservation and rehabilitation of rare & endangered New Zealand species.

We invite you to watch, touch and feed our unique native wildlife, become friends with our farm animals and learn about the introduced pests that have influenced New Zealand’s bio-diversity.

Your trip to New Zealand will not be complete without seeing the New Zealand kiwi bird – at Willowbank, our kiwis are housed in an open and natural enclosure allowing you incredible, and up close viewing (no barriers or glass). After dark the breeding pairs can be viewed outside under the stars (a world first). “Your Kiwi Guarantee” is our guarantee that all visitors will enjoy a kiwi experience: kiwi viewing, kiwi hospitality and kiwi cuisine.

For those nocturnal, come after dark and experience the Ko Tane Maori Cultural Performance and New Zealand Wildlife Tour at night. Interact with our guide and journey with him through our natural native surroundings. Come face to face with our wildlife and listen as our guide explains the relationship between Maori, culture, wildlife and conservation. Or join us under the sun, for an outstanding day of entertainment and education. 

Willowbank has an award winning Christchurch restaurant. Lunch and dinner of sumptuous New Zealand cuisine is served daily. Cafe and a children’s menu is available during the day. Reservations for evening meals are essential.

Open daily 9.30am – Dusk. Heritage NZ and Wild NZ Areas close at dusk
The Natural New Zealand Area of the Reserve is lit and open until 10 pm with guided tours every hour from 5.30pm. 
Kiwi are able to be viewed from 10.30am until closing.
Day visit to the Reserve – open every day except Christmas Day
Willowbank Restaurant is open every night except Christmas Day & New Years Eve.

Location: 5 minutes from Christchurch Airport & 15 minutes from the Christchurch city centre.


#1 - Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Entry

Close encounters of the wildlife kind are a Willowbank trademark. This is a place you can spend all day! Feed the eels or relate to the lemur. Make friends with the livestock breeds unique to NZ. 100% guaranteed KIWI viewing.



If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of arrival day, loss of 50% of the total booking price.