Real Rotorua

Scenic Attractions in Rotorua
Price range:
$65.00 - $120.00


The difference about my tour is my passion to connect people with all the awesome places around the Rotorua region that i know and love. Let me show you the same places I take my friends and family to when they visit.

Our itineraries are designed to get the most out of your time with us and include must see destinations such as, natural springs, “off the beaten track” geothermal areas and sparkling lakes. Come along and discover the Real Rotorua with me Stephen Julian


#1 - Full Day Tour

Combine the Morning Lakes tour with the Thermal path Tour and experience some of Rotorua's best examples of geothermal activity and natural beauty.

#2 - Morning lakes tour

A driver guided tour of our favorite lakes, natural springs and best view points.

#3 - Real Rotorua's nocturnal adventure

Our nocturnal guided walking tour is a unigue experience for all your senses, Soak up the atmosphere and learn about New Zealand's incredible night life. Glow-worms,waterfalls,wildlife and star gazing

#4 - Thermal Path Tour

Discover some of Rotorua's "off the beaten track" mud pools and thermal areas. Dip your toes in or fully immerse yourself in our favorite hot springs.


avatar - Jan 2017 -


This tour is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to see all the fun stuff in Rotorua that most tourists don't even know exists.


If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of arrival day, loss of 100% of the total booking price.