Dunedin Trophy Hunting

Hunting in Otago
Price range:
$250.00 - $550.00


Dunedin trophy hunting are professionally guided hunts aimed at trophy hunters through to first timers.

We own land close to Dunedin to offer a wide range of Red Stag trophy’s and also Arapawa Ram trophys with a small hunters hut on the property or other wise can arrange accommodation and transportation to and from the property to dunedin.

All our guides have many years hunting experience and knowledge of all nz game animals.

We can offer a range of hunting opportunities for the trophy hunter, hunting on public land in the back country including helicopter drop offs into remote country. Or on private free range blocks with managed herds of trophy animals. We can also arrange free range hunting for Fallow Deer, Thar, Chamois, Red Deer, in public hunting blocks.

New Zealand is a gun friendly country, bringing your gun into New Zealand is realitively easy. You will need a fire arm importation docs. We have riffles here which you are more than welcome to use, they are accurate and set up well.

We can offer hunting all year round depending on the different species that are avaliable at the time.

The Roar is Mid March through to April.


#1 - Hunter - Daily Rate/Guides

We can especially tailor a hunting combination to suit your specific needs.

#2 - Non Hunter (Scenic) Guides

We can especially tailor a hunting combination to suit your specific needs.



If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of arrival day, loss of 10% of the total booking price.